She Doesn’t Want Roses…

Three Quick And Delicious Valentine’s Recipies

 Trust me, flowers aren’t going to cut it. It’s time to suit up (put on your apron) and cook like you have never cooked before! What’s that? You have never cooked before? Ah crap. Well it’s a good job I have you covered. 

Below are three recipes from the ‘One Ingredient Watermelon Dinner’ which was held on Valentines a couple of years back. These recipes are super quick and easy which is obviously perfect for valentines, so you can spend your time doing other things (Hopefully not as quick and easy). 


These dishes where paired with Moreson wines so if you want to go one step further and do a wine pairing I would go with their Chardonnay with the tuna, their Pinotage with the beef and finish with the Solitaire bubbly. Just don’t ruin the evening by trying to sobrage it at the table. 

post your creations to @MattManningChef on Instagram and I will share my favourite next week. 

Best of luck and remember if you mess it up you can always get in a private chef. 

Images by Francois Pistorius

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