This tasty petit poussin recipe was largely influenced by my recent visit to Toulouse France, the dish is wonderfully comforting & satisfying with all the earthy flavours from the bean cassoulet and baby chicken coming together. A Classic in French Cuisine. This is a must try.

(Serves 4)

Best Served with Newton Johnson Family Vineyards Pinot Noir 2016


4 Baby chickens
125ml Willow Creek olive oil
30ml Caraway Seeds
60ml Tbsp Butter ,
Salt & Pepper

For the Haricot Bean Cassoulet

2 Cans Haricot Beans
3 Sprigs Thyme
1 Pack of thick streaky cut bacon
1 Head Cauliflower
1 Punnet Wild mushrooms
30ml Butter
3 Cloves Garlic
125ml White Wine
1 Onion
500ml Chicken Stock
1 Handful Parsley
30ml Truffle oil


Preheat your Siemens 4D oven to 160°C & bring a pot of water to the simmer for poaching your chickens

Start by removing the tip of your baby chickens wings & legs with your sharp Scanpan knife & set aside your legs.

Poach your whole baby chickens in chicken stock for 5 minutes, remove and place into a tray, it is important to not over cook your chickens

In a hot pan begin to brown your legs remove from the pan once done and set aside, braise your sliced onions in butter with thyme, caraway seeds, quartered mushrooms, chopped garlic & your streaky diced bacon

Once golden brown, de-glaze your pan with white wine allowing to cook for a further minute, add your washed haricot beans, chicken stock, cauliflower, seasoning and legs.Place in the oven for one hour covered with foil

Whilst your cassoulet is in the oven begin to brown your baby chickens on a hot pan, breast side down first ensuring you move along the rest of the chicken. This can be achieved by continuously basting with hot butter

Once you have roasted your baby chickens rest for five minutes, start removing your breasts with your sharp Scanpan knife by gently slicing along the breast bone. Leave your breasts to rest in a pan with its juices & seanon with sea salt until your cassoulet is done

Warm your rested chicken in a hot pan, be cautious to not over cook & remove your cassoulet from the oven

Place your your breasts on top of your cassoulet & Finish off by tossing in freshly chopped parsley and a drizzle of truffel oil.



Reserve your chicken carcasses to make home made stock.