I’m very excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Scanpan for 2018 as their new brand ambassador, the world-renowned Danish cookware brand famous for its craftsmanship and quality.

I am fanatical about having premium pots, pans and knives in my kitchen, as I’ve experienced what a difference it makes to my cooking. Just as every pot has its lid, every chef has their tools. And while having the right equipment won’t automatically make your food taste good, using the wrong tools will guarantee it doesn’t.

While it may be expensive at the outlay, a good set will last you a long time – an investment that shows its return many times over. As someone who is known for mincing his garlic – not his words – I’ve provided some straight forward advice on what to look for when purchasing a new pot or pan.

If you can’t take the heat…
Look for durable materials that conduct heat well, such as aluminum or copper. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the pot or pan the better the heat diffusion, allowing the contents to be cooked through properly. Thinner materials hold heat unevenly and are susceptible to bending, warping and burning. Stainless steel cookware retains heat well, making it a good choice for dishes with longer cook times.

Handle it!
Examine the handle: it should be completely secure, sturdy and heatproof. If you regularly finish stove-top dishes in the oven, ensure that the pot’s handle is oven-safe, and not made from wood or plastic.

Grill yourself
You need to choose the right pan for the task at hand. Ask yourself these questions to determine which pot or pan is right for you:

– Do you cook a lot of meals in bulk for later consumption?
If you regularly make soups or stews in big batches, choose a heavy pot with a thick base which can sit on the stove for a long time while cooking through evenly, such as the Scanpan Classic Dutch Oven or Classic Stew Pot.

– Are you trying to cook with less fat?
Choose frying pans with a non-stick coating for fat-free frying, such as the Scanpan Pro IQ Fry Pan, which is fitted with an oven-safe ergonomic handle.

– Do you need to make sauces?
Stainless steel pans have a brighter interior which lets you keep an eye on the colour and consistency of sauces. The Scanpan Impact Fry Pan allows pouring from any angle without dripping.

It all boils down to…
…choosing the right cookware for the job at hand, and selecting a sturdy, well-designed product constructed with premium quality materials.


I’m giving readers 20% off all purchases through the Scanpan Web Shop. Use the discount code: MattManningChef to redeem your discount at checkout. T&Cs apply. Click here to visit the web shop. – Offer valid until 1st April 2018.

Image by Silver Studio Photography