The “New Normal” Kitchen Essentials

If there is one thing we have learned during this Covid-19 disaster, it is that people really enjoy cooking at home! The last 4 months of lockdown have forced us all to get creative in the kitchen: from homemade dumplings, to simple roast chicken, and the banana bread that broke the internet…it seems that everyone has been cooking like mad!

This got me thinking, does your kitchen have what it takes for you to be able to create the best dishes at home?

I have put together a list of my top 10 must-haves for the “new normal” kitchen, which any home cook worth their stock should invest in for best results!

1} The Oven

This is the number 1 thing for any home kitchen. The Siemens multi function iQ700 built-in oven has it all, catering to all of your cooking needs. The 4D hot air function ensures an even heat and a speedy, yet thorough cook. The design is sleek and effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of any kitchen. The touch display is intuitive while also being incredibly user-friendly – so you don’t end up spending 20 minutes reading the manual each time you use it!
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2} The Stove Top

Unfortunately, even in 2020 we are still held ransom by load shedding which means that you might be tempted to choose gas over induction. However, why not both? With the Siemens domino hobs you are able to custom design the stove to your needs, which allows you to have both gas and induction in one stove top – both of which have their merits. I predict this becoming more and more commonplace in the contemporary kitchen.
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3} The Fridge

This is also one of the most important parts of putting together your dream kitchen, and can make or break it. The Siemens built-in iQ500 Hyperfresh fridge freezer offers functionality, style and durability in one, with plenty of storage space to boot.
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4} The Pans

A solid set of quality pans is an absolute must. Don’t waste your time with the plastic-handled rubbish your mother used to use – invest in the right pans and they could last you a lifetime. The Scanpan Pro IQ range of pans is just what you need to elevate your cooking skills, with pans that covers every conceivable cooking technique – from sautéing to simmering – and everything in-between.
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5} The Knives

Any good home cook needs a proper set of knives. My range of choice is the Scanpan’s Maitre’d collection – Japanese-precision knives with wooden handles and razor sharp blades. These knives will take your skills from commis to sous chef in no time. And they’re guaranteed to one-up even your most kitchen-savvy friend…unless, of course, they already have their own set!
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6} The Mixer and Blender

Kitchen gadgets are getting better and better, and the Bosch Optimum 1500 Kitchen Machine is the creme de la creme of mixer/blenders. The device comes with a whole range of attachments that enable you to whisk, blend, mince and beat – all with one machine!
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7} The Coffee Machine

You can’t go wrong with the Siemens EQ range – the first thing I use every morning! No kitchen is complete with out one of these babies. With the elegant design and easy-to-use functionality, the machine allows you to brew up a fantastic Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Macchiato and Americano – all at the touch of a button!
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8} The Wine Fridge

Yet another essential appliance for anyone who enjoys entertaining and takes pride in their wine collection. The Gaggenau wine fridge is an absolute game changer for any wine connoisseur, allowing you to stylishly store your wine at optimal temperature….the only real problem is keeping it full!
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9} The Counter Tops

For me there is only one option for a sexy, long-lasting and hard-wearing surface: Caesarstone. The extensive range features a gorgeous palette of textures, finishes and colours, which will take your kitchen from ‘that’s nice’ to ‘that’s niiiiceee‘. The non-porous surface is easy-to-clean, and because it is heat and scratch resistant, you won’t need to worry about where you put your knives or pans down.
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10} The Microwave

Yes, I know. Microwaves are usually a no-go for chefs (myself included) – but hear me out. The Siemens Steamer Combi oven is space-efficient, while offering you multiple cook functionalities, including a handy microwave setting. This is great for chefs like me who are far to proud to feature an actual microwave in their kitchen, but occasionally appreciate the practicality of one – i.e. for warming leftovers and baby food…which I see being part of my not-too-distant future!
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I hope you enjoyed my list of kitchen essentials. If you are looking at getting some new products for your kitchen, pop me an email and I can arrange a free consultation for you with any of the above suppliers –